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About Programs

China Company: Cultural Exchange Options Inc. (CEO INC) is in charge of its Summer Work and Travel USA Program, Internship/Trainee Program ,Winter Camp, Summer Camp, Planning art exhibition, The professional course short-term training(USA), USA Students----China Cultural Explore Group。

We focus in the Internship/Trainee Program, Summer Work & Travel USA Program and they will be the most professional !

China Company: Cultural Exchange Options Inc. ( English referred to as CEO INC) is in charge of its Summer Work and Travel USA Program, which, offers college students from all over the world the opportunity to travel to the United States for work and study (The Visitor Exchange Program). The foundation of this program is built on the US Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948 (Smith-Mundt Act), which established the basic framework for the Visitor Exchange Program. In 1961. This Act was expanded and combined as the Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act (Fulbright-Hayes Act.) Moreover, the Summer Work and Travel USA Program received the support of the Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs, D.O.S., as a Cultural Exchange Program and was deemed as a well-established program that, prior to being promoted in mainland China, was already in place in Europe, the United States, and other Asian countries for more than 30 years. There are over ten thousand college students worldwide participating in the internship, holding J-1 visa, entering American businesses for the short term internships of 8 --16 weeks to acquire skills, experiences, and knowledge in their respective fields while taking time off from the internship to travel within the United States so to experience real American life and understand American customs and hospitality.

The characteristics of this program is to offer opportunities for college students to be in the Unites States to experience the American life first hand, to improve English proficiency, to build up self-independence and ability to deal with people and issues, to come in contact with American business culture as well as a chance to work with college students from all over the world. Furthermore, under the authority of the United States State Department, it not only offers safety protection under the law, but the J-1 visa also allows every intern to work alongside the American co-workers, equal work for equal pay, and protected under the excellent American labor laws. We will also purchase appropriate insurance for each applicant.

The advantages of the special CEO INC program

  • Summer Work and Travel USA Program has the support of the United States State Department, hence has safe and reliable protection.
  • The Cultural Exchange Program, endorsed by the United States government, offers excellent chance for participant to get visa for the first time and establish a good track record thereafter.
  • To live and work with students from nations all over the world can cultivate students' broader world view.
  • During the entire time the interns and students are working in the United States, each interns and students are supervised.
  • To work in the English only environment; to fully improve the proficiency of conversational English.
  • To cultivate the true American English thought process; to understand true American culture.
  • To elevate student's ability to live independently; to build up good self-confidence.
  • Visit well-known American universities to understand American higher education system as foundation for future studies in the United States.
  • No specialty entry level work - minimal pressure connected with job.
  • Internship with real American businesses provides the student with better competitiveness in future employment.
  • During the term of the internship or program, student's stipend is sufficient to cover daily expenses, hence has little financial burden.
  • Specially arranged Chinese staff members will assist and counsel during the entire internship term.
  • CEO INC programs' fees are reasonable.
  • When one passes the test, we will guarantee a job offer as the intern's first job in the United States. Letter of recommendation from the company where the intern works to improve the intern's advantage in future job opportunities.

Brief Job Descriptions

For the Summer Work and Travel USA program managed by our company, the job locations are mostly limited to retail stores, eateries, supermarkets, shopping malls, department stores, amusement parks, etc. in large tourist towns. These are non-technical and entry level jobs which include: housekeeping, kitchen staff, warehouse work, sales, wait staff, cashier, etc.. There are 30 -- 40 work hours in a week and the pay is around $7.25 to $10 per hour wages vary with types or levels of jobs and are received once every two weeks or once a month.

Applicant Qualifications

  1. Current college undergraduate, graduate, or doctorate student, between the age of 18 and 28, male or female.
  2. Has excellent academic record, cheerful personality, diligent in studies.
  3. Has stronger ability in synthesizing English, especially the listening and speaking skills - proficient enough to pass interview.
  4. Applicant should be independent, able to make own decision, and can adapt to new environment.
  5. Has no prior criminal record, has good conduct, is in good physical and mental health, does not abuse drugs or alcohol.
  6. Has positive attitude towards work, is hard working and is serious about work.
  7. Student whose family has steady income to afford the up-front fees and expenses for the program as well as expenses incurred throughout the duration of the internship.
  8. Has to pledge to return to home country after the end of the program.

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