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CEO At the Moment

Cultural Exchange Options Inc. (CEO) hosts a Winter and Summer camp for foreign students. Its purpose is to dig into international cultural exchange and contribute to world peace. We will host the camps in Williamsburg, but in order to superiorly succeed, we need your help and involvement. With your involvement, our program will be more complete and successful, the world will start to become blazing with color and more harmonious.

When foreign college students and high school students join our program, we give our best effort and skills to execute the program at its max. We will show the American history and culture in the program. In the Williamsburg area, visiting the Historic Triangle is a must. First, Because of the first permanent settlement in North America by England, Jamestown, the history scroll of America started to unroll. The governing of the settlement was the prototype and precursor of democracy. Since then, the history of America was changed. In Williamsburg, the foreign students can experience and realize the thick history, beautifulness, loveliness, historic views; the city's nurturing effect of the country's founding fathers, and the city's effect on American history. The seeds of the America were grown here. These settlements provided platform for expansion of the settlement and later on support for the American Revolutionary War. Next is the city of Yorktown. Here the Revolutionary War ended with Lord Cornwallis's surrendering. Together, Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown formed the Historic Triangle. You, the host family, and our organization will show the foreign students the history and culture of Williamsburg, the area that nurtured America's founding fathers.

As Americans, we can proudly stand on this soil and say, "Williamsburg is the birthplace of America." As hosts, let us welcome the foreign students from their long journey to America. Let them feel our culture's traits and inclusiveness.

There are several parts to the camp. During the foreign students' stay in Williamsburg, Cultural Exchange Options will need many host families who have the ability to host the students for at least five days. While the student is living in the host family's home, they will experience the American lifestyle, the summer lifestyle and the American youth's way of life.

Cultural Exchange can begin anywhere, but in Williamsburg, we will welcome all exchange students, share our history and culture with foreign students, embrace the difference of cultures, also, we will work towards tranquility and world peace. Make your contribution by join in on our programs.

As an organization, we hope for your involvement in the Winter and Summer Camps of foreign students. I hope to meet many host families and their warmth towards foreign students. Welcome! foreign students!

On the other end, we also host a Chinese cultural explore group. The group is open to American College students and high-school students. Some details of the group include, experiencing the 3000 years' history of Beijing's mysterious, broad, unique, alluring and captivating history, observe the Great Wall of China's grandness and pompousness and practice Chinese art and culture. Americans will be surprised by the Chinese people's miraculous art and culture. We will also schedule a short lesson on learning Chinese.

With pride and honor, we can say, "We are part of the global village. Let us love this world."

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104 King Henry Way Williamsburg,VA 23188 USA
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